Restaurants and Specialty Food

We love to eat delicious, healthy and sustainably sourced food whenever possible. Here are a few of our favorite local restaurants, bakeries and food companies.


Spoon and Spatula Bakery

Spoon and Spatula is a local bakery that we love because they offer a healthier, homemade twist on popular kid-friendly snacks. You have to try their animal crackers and goldfish!

Visit Spoon and Spatula bakery's website or follow them on Facebook to learn about the farmer's markets that they will be attending!


Mamma Chia

We love Mama Chia because they offer organic, high-quality chia based foods and beverages. As you know, chia seeds are a super food loaded with protein, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes us super excited about their product offerings.

Check out Mama Chia's website or find their products at your local grocery store (Whole Foods, Safeway, Target, Costco)


Bumble Los Altos

Bumble is one of our favorite local restaurants because you can enjoy delicious food while your children play in an adjoining playroom. They accommodate children ages 12 months to 10 years old in the playroom for up to two hours.

Your children will love it and you will be able to have a quiet meal without hiring a babysitter. It's win-win!

Visit Bumble in Los Altos:



Justin's sells some of the most delicious nut butters that we have ever tried! They source high-quality, local ingredients to create amazing products.

Shop on their website or check out their offerings at your local grocery store.


Progeny Colombian Coffee

Founded by third generation of coffee growers Progeny's mission is to deliver the finest cup of Premium Colombian coffee to their coffee lovers.

They are committed to selecting the best quality throughout your journey. Come talk to them and you'll learn to appreciate a coffee beyond the bean and learn about what are the qualities of a good coffee.

Progeny Coffee is extending a 15% discount on all of their coffees and merchandise to Fit4Mom members!

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Residents of San Carlos

In recent months our classes have grown and you may have noticed our group on city streets! We are ensuring that all clients will stay on the sidewalk and stay aware of driveway spaces. Please stop to say hello and encourage our mamas as they make the journey towards fitness for life!

In the event that you have concerns or feedback, please reach out to us at Thank you for making our community a better place.