Co-Owner and Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby and Body Back Instructor

Michele has always led an active life, and chose to pursue a career in fitness with Stroller Strides to stay at home and raise her family and to help others find the joy in exercise. Throughout childhood, her mother encouraged her to be a “Jill” of all sports and she competed in swimming, tennis, softball, track, ice skating, soccer, and volleyball to name a few. She excelled in both swimming and tennis, competing in the Junior Olympics in Synchronized swimming and on the Varsity Tennis Team for both High Schools she attended. Now she maintains a healthy mix of running, yoga, and Stroller Strides classes, but is happy to pick up any type of ball for a casual game. She is a mother of 2, a dedicated wife, and a sister of 3. She has certifications in fitness, cooking, and wine, in addition to her bachelor’s degree in Math and Economics, and is happy to share tips on nutrition and cooking, wine and restaurants, fitness and life.


Co-Owner and Instructor for Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back

Sara is a certified pre and postnatal fitness instructor and personal trainer with many years of group fitness training behind her. Her focus for the last few years has been on pregnant and postnatal moms through Fit4Mom. She currently runs Stroller Strides and Body Back classes, helping to motivate moms to take their fitness to the next level.

Before working with moms, Sara coached middle and high school students to run the Los Angeles Marathon through an organization called Students Run LA. She also coached two swim teams - a high school team and an age group team.

Sara moved to the Peninsula in October of 2009 from Los Angeles. She is a Jane-of-many-trades with a certification in pre and post natal fitness through Fit4Mom, a certification as a personal trainer through ACE, a BA in Language Studies, an MA in Communications, and seven years of teaching English as a Second Language to adults and teenagers.

In her first year at university, Sara decided to maintain fitness for life. This has led her to try many different activities. She swam competitively in high school and then with the Master's team in college. She roller bladed, became addicted to salsa dancing , started running and then decided to tackle the world of triathlon. With limited time as a mom and business owner, she now runs and does strength training to stay in shape. But watch out! After the birth of her second child, she plans on training for the next triathlon season!

While training others and keeping fit fuel her, she also loves reading, gardening, cooking, wine tasting and being out in nature.

Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby Instructor

Allison was introduced to Stroller Strides when her son Nate was 5 months old. After one class, she was hooked! Being active has always been a part ofAllison's life, but she would be the first to tell you that going to a gym was just not her thing. Through Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby, she not only found a healthier lifestyle but a wonderful community of women. At Stroller Strides she felt welcomed, encouraged and challenged, so when her husband's education brought their family from Texas to Stanford, she jumped at the opportunity to become a Stroller Strides instructor.

Allison has a bachelors of science degree in Biomedical Science and Entomology from her beloved Texas A&M University. She is happily married to her husband Jon and they have two sons: Nate and Caedmon. When she's not in class, you can typically find Allison somewhere with her family enjoying the great outdoors or sipping coffee in a quaint little coffee shop. Allison is passionate about seeing others succeed and looks forward to helping moms reach their goals in fitness, motherhood and life

Running Coach, Stroller Strides Instructor & Our Village Coordinator

Megan is excited to be part of the FIT4MOM family as a running coach and stroller strides instructor. Megan started running in her 20s. She decided to run a marathon when she was 26 years old and never looked back. This sparked her love of fitness and she has run a number of halfs since then. Megan loves the running community and how positive it is whether you are an elite runner or at the back of the pack. She is excited to share her love of running with the Fit4mom community and help everyone find their inner runner inside.

After having Coraline Megan was in search of something to keep her active and meet new moms. That is when she found us. She loved the community so much she decided to jump in as an instructor. Fit4Mom has been instrumental in helping her find her new normal in motherhood. She is excited to help all moms find the new balance.

Megan attended American University and studied peace and conflict resolution. After college she moved to New York City for graduate school and then took a break from academics nannied. Then she headed back up north to Boston where she worked as a women’s ministry coordinator and met her husband, Trevor. Megan and Trevor, moved to the Bay Area from Boston right after getting married in 2013. They have enjoyed exploring the area and make frequent trips to wine country. They welcomed their first child, Coraline, in December of 2015. The three of them love to travel and Coraline already has a few stamps in her passport.


Running Coach - Los Altos

Natalie is a passionate triathlete an all round sports person, who loves being outdoors and leading a healthy lifestyle. She has over 16 years experience in training and racing triathlon at a very competitive level, including 1 top 5 and 4 top 10 finishes in 7 World Championship events, and a period as racing professionally in France. When her daughter is a little older, Natalie hopes to return to more competitive triathlon racing, but for now she is happy to stay active and to compete in the odd run and triathlon event.

Natalie’s passion for an active healthy lifestyle extends to coaching and mentoring other athletes to achieve their fitness and competition goals. For the past few years she has been coaching and writing triathlon training programs, for beginner through to high level age group athletes. One of her coaching achievements is assisting two athletes qualify and race for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Natalie is a strong believer in the positive mental health benefits that come from just getting yourself out there having a go and training with others, regardless of your speed or ability.

Natalie was born in Australia and moved to the Peninsula in November 2015 for her husbands work. At present she is enjoying taking a break from her professional career as a Landscape Architect to spend time with her beautiful young daughter, as well as keeping fit and active and making new friends here in California.

As well as keeping fit and active, Natalie loves spending time with her family and friends, gardening, traveling and going out for coffee

Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Instructor

Hi, I'm Raquel, Mom to Evan, born November 24, 2015 and Theo, our 9 year old boxer! We recently moved the San Francisco Peninsula area from the great state of Texas! I first learned about Stroller Strides at a "Family Fair." I've always been passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle that I was intrigued by the idea of getting a "full body work out with your child AND a stroller!" It sounded too good to be true BUT I was hooked. Not only were the workouts challenging but I also started meeting other Moms who were going through some of the same struggles (ex. spit ups, blow outs, oh and of course baby not sleeping through the night). I found the community I was longing for!

On weekends I love going on family hikes and trying new restaurants! We love exploring and are looking forward to getting to know the area!

Body Back Instructor

Heather has always been an athlete, as well as a recreational runner and kickboxer. On the East coast Heather was a teacher for many years and coached soccer and track to high school students. She moved to San Carlos years ago while pregnant with her first son. Son number two came quickly behind and she became a stay at home mom. After almost eight years, she is so excited to have found Fit4Mom; a company that celebrates fitness and family and allows her to help empower other moms and promote a healthy lifestyle for both moms and kids. She is looking forward to building up the San Carlos Fit4Mom community with two classes a week for the first time! Come and join us!more

Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby Instructor & Running Coach

Hi! I'm Tin. I am a certified Stroller Strides instructor and a coach for Run Club. I mainly teach on Saturdays at Marlin Park in Redwood Shores. But sometimes you'll see me filling in for other instructors. During the week, I'm a full time special education teacher. I'm a mom to Nolan Callister who was born in March of 2015. I became a member of this wonderful community when a friend introduced it to me at the end of my maternity leave. I've always been active and was in search of a place where I could find a community that was like minded and loved to be active with their children. I love that I get to be a part of Stroller Strides, it's a great workout and every new mom should know about what an awesome village it provides, not only do you get motivated to workout, you build strong friendships and there's a built in childcare. It's also great knowing that whatever you're going through, usually the mom next to you knows exactly what you're going through even when you are doing 20 more burpees.more

Welcome Manager

Sarah was introduced to Stroller Strides when she lived in Atlanta and a group of moms she looked up and idolized had all met through their Stroller Strides Classes. When she later had her own first baby, she looked up Stroller Strides and was bummed to find that there weren't classes near her in Alabama. Luckily, she and her husband relocated to Mountain View when their daughter was 5 months old. She has been attending Stroller Strides ever since, and is now a Body Back survivor (and addict) and even participated in the inaugural Run Club. She Strode through her second pregnancy and has been back and rocking the double BOB ever since (going on one year of pushing that rig!)

Stroller Strides has turned into a community, a village of support, a routine, and a total passion. No week (or weekend) is complete without it, and the friendships she has made extend outside of class.

Sarah has a BA and an MBA from Emory University and spent most of her career in Higher Education. She is married to Zac (a helicopter pilot for the US Army) and is proud mama to Marilyn and George - one is a runner and one is a climber - you guess which is which. She's addicted to Southern baby clothes, James Taylor songs, champagne, and loves the mama tribe fiercely. ​

Stroller Strides Instructor

Jamie was lucky enough to find out about Stroller Strides when she was pregnant with her first baby. She became Stroller Strides certified just before her son, Atlas, was born and joined the Fit4mom team right away! Because she is relatively new to the Bay Area, she has found comfort in the Stroller Strides community and is happy to make new friendships with mamas in the group.

Jamie has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and spends her summers directing an outdoor adventure camp for kids. She loves spending time outside, especially hiking with her two dogs, biking, or paddle boarding. In her free time, Jamie loves to read and travel. She believes that there is no adventure too small and looks forward to the never ending adventure of motherhood!

Helloooooo! I'm Andrea, and I joined Fit4Mom because I wanted to get outside with my baby girl, Anaiya, who was born in October 2015. Growing up on a hay farm as the daughter of a game warden in western Colorado, the outdoors were a part of every day life. My first mule pack trips happened before I was five, stocking fish in alpine lakes, and I look back with nostalgia on dusty, prickly hot days bucking bales in the fields. After arriving in the concrete warren that is Silicon Valley, I joined a happy-go-lucky 'drinking club with a running problem' and proceeded to spend more than a decade exploring the parks, trails, nearly-trails, construction sites, and underground infrastructure of the Bay Area. During working hours, I put my energy into international microfinance, socially responsible investing, and utility relations for large scale solar. After the birth of my daughter, Fit4Mom was a dose of outside with strength training, mom-friends and built-in child care included. I was hooked, and took the instructor certification to help other mamas get a little wind, rain, dirt, grass and sunshine in their day, and to help them raise their children who see them taking care of themselves, and venturing outdoors!more

I have always been into fitness. I am an occupational therapist, a mom of 4 daughters, and I love to talk! I want my children to see me as a role model for health, strength and happiness. I joined this team because I want to help others have fun with their fitness, and I love the community FIT4MOM is now and seeing it grow. I want to help support moms and continue to be a part of this great community.

Something people don't know about me:
I am terrified of snakes so I don't run in the woods. I used to be a ski instructor in NH. I had a tongue ring and a nose ring in college. I did Irish step dance in elementary school.

Tracey was introduced to Stroller Strides through Day One Baby in Palo Alto when her daughter Eabha (Irish spelling of ‘Ava’) was 3 months old and then to run club towards the end of 2016. Having always had a love of exercise and keeping fit, Tracey quickly became a regular at class. She enjoyed the ability to get a great work out and meet other mums while still spending time with Eabha. It was also comforting that everyone in the class, including the instructor, had dealt with fussy crying babies, “blow outs”, or sudden hunger episodes…….nothing is an issue, everyone could take the class at their own pace, and no matter what your baby did, some other baby had done it before them! ☺

Although Tracey works full time in SF, she wanted to continue to be involved with the Fit4Mom community and recently became an instructor. Tracey would like to help others find a place where they can feel included, keep fit and healthy, and find support throughout the journey of being a mum.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland. Tracey has spent time living in Montreal and New York. She and her husband moved to the Bay area in 2013 and have been enjoying the California life style ever since. They love to travel, and hope to pass the travel bug to their daughter. So even though Eabha was only born in March 2016 she’s already had a couple of trips to Ireland and a few short visits to places around the US!

As a teenager Tracey was heavily involved in swimming, basketball, horse riding and athletics. As she got older she continued to play basketball in university and at club level afterwards until she made the move State side. She also spent a year in Ireland coaching basketball to 5-7 year olds part time. She still loves to swim when she gets the chance!

Tracey did a BA in Accounting and Finance, and a Masters in Accounting in Dublin City University and later became a qualified Chartered Accountant and Associate of Tax in Ireland. Since moving to the US she has also completed her CPA qualification.

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Residents of San Carlos

In recent months our classes have grown and you may have noticed our group on city streets! We are ensuring that all clients will stay on the sidewalk and stay aware of driveway spaces. Please stop to say hello and encourage our mamas as they make the journey towards fitness for life!

In the event that you have concerns or feedback, please reach out to us at sfpeninsula@fit4mom.com. Thank you for making our community a better place.