Mind and Body

It's important to take the time to treat both your mind and your body. Here are a few of our favorite local businesses that help us to do just that!

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Insight Float

Insight Float is the premier Floatation Spa of the San Francisco Bay Area. Floatation Therapy allows the floater to experience profound relaxation, rest, and recovery from prenatal and post-pregnancy stresses on the body. Floaters also enjoy space to reconnect with their mind and body. The floatation environment fosters both mental and physical relief for expectant and new mothers, helping them thrive during this special time.

Visit their website here!

Lacey Michelle Photography

Lacey Michelle Photography is a portrait and lifestyle photographer snapping the greater Bay Area and Monterey County. She is a lover of morning coffee, giggling kiddos, natural light and storytelling through her lens. Her favorite things to have appeared in front of her camera are, expecting mothers, newborns, engaged couples, newlywed couples, little ones and happy families. You can see her work at laceymichellephoto.com or follow her on Instagram or Facebook @laceymichellephoto.


Let Us Learn Together

Kris at Let Us Learn Together offers classes and personalized support for families with children ages 0-7 who have challenges. It doesn't matter how big or small the challenges are; Kris can help!

Visit her website or call 415.412.5051 for a free consultation!

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Petite Life Photography

Patricia at Petite Life Photography is a natural light photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a mom to two gorgeous boys who are just as crazy, passionate and loving as she is.

My passion in photography lies in keeping memories and capturing unforgettable life moments, connecting with the couples and families who allow me into their lives and telling their story through my eyes, heart and lens.

For Patricia photography is not only an art but a way of showing her love. Photography helps you keep time still, so her goal is to capture you as who you are, how you interact with your family and children, and to capture those beautiful moments of family, motherhood, parenthood and childhood as you remember them in your heart.

Visit Petite Life Photography's page and check out Patricia's portfolio at http://www.petitelifephotography.com.



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