Body Back Transformation

Body Back Transformation isn't about getting the body you had before pregnancy. It's about reclaiming, honoring, and strengthening the body you have now! We do high intensity workouts including cardio, strength and core while working on loving ourselves more deeply so that we can be strong in motherhood. The 8 week sessions include nutrition and fitness accountability through weekly emails, connection in class and one on one conversations with your coach.

Our Winter Session begins the week of Jan. 7, 2019!! Join us for Drop-in classes until then!

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What does a Body Back session include?

  • 2 high intensity interval workouts per week designed especially for moms
  • Before and after fitness assessments
  • Coached nutritional guidance towards your personal goals
  • Guided meditations
  • Suggested workouts and workout calendar for off-days
  • Group support and interaction
  • Individualized coaching and support from your instructor throughout the program

*Body Back is not appropriate for expectant moms- please check out our Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre classes! Based on our experience, it is much better to wait until you have started getting decent sleep at night and your daytime routine is fairly normal - this often is at around 6 months postpartum. Your body will also have had time to heal!

We do not recommend starting your first Body Back session while you are starting to go back to work (too much change all at once!!). If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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