Virtual Body Ignite

Body Ignite is a one-stop body shock. Targeting each and every muscle with specially designed sequences and a weighted bar will leave you stronger and begging for more. Dedicated core and flexibility work are also included to help you move and feel better. A perfect complement to any cardio class or activity you currently enjoy, this easy to follow strength based program will increase your metabolism, your athleticism, and your ability to lift, lunge, and lug everything mom-life throws at you!

You will need a pair of hand weights or a body bar to participate. We recommend hand weights between 3lbs and 10lbs or body bar between 9lbs and 15lbs. If you are currently using one of our resistance bands, a good estimate of which weight to use would be: green band ( 3-5lb weight or 9lb bar), red band (5-8lb weight or 12lb bar), blue/gray band (8-10lb weight or 15lb bar)

Current Unlimited Pass holders can purchase add-on packages ($10 for All Access Members and $15 for Virtual, Body Back Sunday, and In Person Members)
Body Ignite Unlimited Membership $49
Body Ignite 5 class pass $59

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.