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The JINGLE Challenge is designed to support you through the holidays. Friends, Family and Co-workers can join, because its all online. It includes:

-Three Challenges a week to compliment your current FIT4MOM classes including: a mindful challenge, a nutrition challenge and a fun physical challenge
-Exclusive weekly emails that include: Holiday survival tips, encouragement, and your challenges
-Optional Physical Assessment (at home or in person) at the beginning and end of the challenge A weekly holiday snack or meal idea
-Private Facebook group for support and community
-A closing celebration – for prizes and camaraderie (date TBD)more

Body Back is a results based workout program for women at any stage of motherhood. Body Back isn't about getting the body you had before pregnancy. It's about reclaiming, honoring, and strengthening the body you have now! Classes are high intensity with cardio, strength and core as the building blocks. This class is offered in 8-week sessions.

Join us for Drop-in classes until the winter session begins on Jan. 20, 2020!

What are moms saying about Body Back?

I am so proud of myself for committing to the 8 weeks and I saw huge changes and I really hope to continue with all of these changes. A huge shout out to Heather Milotich, such a fantastic instructor. As a Mom I am really bad at putting myself first but I did in the last 8 weeks and me and my family are benefiting from a happier, more chilled out, less anxious, less grumpy Mama. -Sinead

Absolutely LOVED my first transformation (perhaps it was the stellar crew of gals around me?!) I'm not sure what I was expecting - but it certainly wasn't the energetic, conscious and challenging endeavor it turned out to be. Also, wildly successful (-15 lbs). -Vanessa

This transformation was my best so far. Something clicked inside me, I'm actually enjoying eating healthy, looking forward to my vegetables and not craving junk food. And when I take my kiddos for a treat, I just treat myself too without guilt. I managed to reach my water goals of a gallon per day, which is crazy because I think by now I know every single restroom in every restaurant in San Carlos hahahaha. And I lost about 9lbs! I'm beyond happy! My goal was to reach my 40th bday feeling great and I do feel like I'm on my best shape in a loooooong time. Thanks Heather for always being the kindest and push us hard and Michele for being absolutely amazing. So happy to be part of this village!!! - Helena


Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment. This is our signature program offering "Fitness for Mom, Fun for Baby™"!


Body Ignite is a one-stop body shock. Targeting each and every muscle with specially designed sequences and a weighted bar will leave you stronger and begging for more. Dedicated core and flexibility work are also included to help you move and feel better. A perfect complement to any cardio class or activity you currently enjoy, this easy to follow strength based program will increase your metabolism, your athleticism, and your ability to lift, lunge, and lug everything mom-life throws at you!more

**New** Strides 360™ promises a heart-pumping workout designed to increase your endurance while also developing speed, agility, and quickness to help you sprint through mom life. Bodyweight conditioning is strategically placed to provide recovery, strength and round out your workout. It's for any mom interested in a workout that can be as hard as you need it to be on your good days or scaled back on days you’re not sure how you made it out the door! Bring your kiddos with you in the stroller or leave the kiddo at home and come play with your mom friends. Either way, the hour will fly by and leave you energized for the rest of your day!


A unique blend of barre, pilates, yoga, and ballet combined with all the things you love about Stroller Strides! The country's only stroller-based barre class!


Fit4Baby is a prenatal fitness program that teaches women how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. The hour long Fit4Baby class is interval based, combining elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching and balancing exercises. We train and certify our Fit4Baby instructors so they are fully equipped to lead a pregnant woman in exercises that are safe and appropriate for her changing body. The class is for all stages of pregnancy.


MamaWell is 42 week online course filled with modern wisdom and whole body guidance for your personal journey into motherhood. Our custom course platform will take you through exactly how to move, what to eat, and how to best prepare for birth and beyond.more

Would you like to run a 5K or 10K for the first time? Do you need some accountability to get back into running? Do you want to push your pace? Join our Run Club to meet your goals! Add on our Run Club Training Program for additional accountability with your runs.


Experience High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) total-body workouts that challenge even the elite athlete. Our safe and effective workouts address the body of the postnatal woman, whether she had her baby six months ago or 20 years ago.